CNC machining is a manufacturing process with the features of highly repeatable, resulting in the same identical part each and every time. Leeart Industry is professional in precision CNC machining components for diverse applications. Production equipment such as lathe milling machines and other machines have been fully computerized and automated, and innovative design, product expansion projects, and actively moving towards artificial intelligence AI. As one of the leader of the brand, it has earned a good reputation. The company constantly seeks for new changes, follows the progress of the times to improve the quality of technology and products, accept OEM orders, the processing precision can control in third decimal place.

Our CNC Capabilities


About CNC Finishes, Leeart can provide customers with as-milled, bead blast, anodized, powder coat and custom.


About CNC Materials, Leeart is available with aluminum, brass, copper, plastic, steel, titanium and zinc varieties.


Leeart manufactures parts with even the tightest tolerances, most complex internal geometries, or augmented process requirements.

If there are any special finishes, materials, specifications and other needs, please contact our team, we will further provide you with the most suitable service to meet your needs.